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Meet some amazing women from several different walks of life (married, retired, stay-at-home Mom, single Mom, etc.) who have all found incredible success with our automated, online marketing business!


Meet Mentor Alex

Alex Dee had a successful background in investment banking but was so busy he had no time for a personal life. He saw the future was digital – marketing digital products utilizing digital methods. Today, running the business with his two founding partners, Alex still serves as mentor to many of us. He brought me into the business, and heads a whole team of mentors that are at our disposal 24/7 to help us develop every aspect of our business. See his story below. 

Mentor Community

All of our mentors make at least $30K every month, and now they are motivated to help you do the same! Here are some of their stories! (Click and scroll down)

Unbiased Review

Member stories are great, but what's the catch? Is this too good to be true?? Read an Unbiased Third-Party Review by a critic who is not part of 8FDL. His entire article is included - the good, the bad, and the ugly! We KNOW we have the vehicle to turn many lives around. We have nothing to hide! Read for more . . . 

Live Testimonials

People come from all walks of life to find success in 8FDL. Click below to hear their stories directly from them! Which story is just like yours? 

Interview With Our Founders

Listen in as Coach Massimo interviews our three founders: Alex Dee, Brian Kaplan, And Jerry Mauer. Hear where they came from, their passion to create an online business that literally ANYONE could succeed at, and their vision for the future. This business has turned their lives around, too!