Unbiased Critique

Is it too good to be true?? Judge for yourself . . .


The Better Business Bureau has given us an A- rating. You have already seen many excellent reviews from very satisfied and happy members. Still want more?

   How about an unbiased critique from a third party who is not associated with 8FDL?

   OK, here you go! Following is an excerpt from a review written by an author completely outside of 8FDL.   The entire article can be found by CLICKING HERE.


8FDL Pros: 

  • No technical, sales, or marketing experience required. 
  • Technical support, automated tools, and a supportive community allow anyone to easily navigate the business. 
  • No boss.
  • Set your own schedule and work environment.
  • No physical products means saving on shipping costs and extra work.
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection. The system is supported online, meaning you can earn even while you’re traveling.
  • Opportunities to make money passively.
  • Mentors at your disposal to ask questions and get help closing sales.
  • Thriving community of members who are enthusiastic about the product.
  • Make money quickly.
  • Resources and support to create an online business using 8FDL products. 

8FDL Cons: 

  • Your first sale and his or her ensuing affiliates’ first sales go to your mentor/inviter unless you start at the highest level.
  • Hard to access core information about 8FDL’s products as a prospective member.
  • Have to sign up for webinar to get key information.
  • Community of support is largely online/over the phone. Some people may prefer an in-person contact.
  • Need a laptop, phone, and internet connection. 
  • Not a “traditional” work environment.
  • Some financial risk if you stop before using the available tools.

   It’s worth noting that some of these cons are a matter of personal preference, while others can be overcome if you so choose. While the mentor/inviter reaps the benefit of your first sale and his or her affiliate sales, this same system works in your favor as you gain more members. This also gives your sponsor a great incentive to work with you and assure your success! And, with each sale totaling at least $2,000, members can build huge profits quickly and with a relatively small network of new members. If you want a traditional work environment, you can always rent office space for a few hours a day, several days a week. And, if you feel like every review is biased and I’m being too lenient or too harsh, you can sign up for one of the company’s free webinars and make your own decision.

    Starting a home-based business isn’t without risk no matter what direction you go in. And, 8FDL isn’t a traditional business, which—right or wrong—can make it seem like a bigger risk than other options you find online. But, the product offers and supportive community appear to justify the cost when compared to similar businesses and product offers. And, as I learned, the brand wants to give back to its community, members, and people in need. 

8FDL as a “Lifestyle”

   The 8FDL co-founders see the company as a lifestyle, not just a business model. Yes, they want the brand to help people make money, but they also want to give back to their communities and help others.   Alex Dee referenced three core values at the heart of 8FDL:Getting  Results, Creating a Legacy, Giving Back. In the webinar, Alex explains that the business model of 8FDL goes beyond the mechanics and sales funnels and really is defined by the lifestyle it creates for its members. Member testimonials are full of stories about how the business helped people get out of debt, travel the world, plan for retirement, spend time with family, pay for medical treatment, buy Christmas gifts for their grandchildren, etc.

Many [online businesses] exist only to make money,” Alex Dee said in a phone interview. “There’s no community or togetherness. No deeper value.” Side note: in the “biz” these money grabbing companies are called “check collectors.” After your check has cleared, they disappear.

   “The people who join 8FDL are looking to grow themselves and do more in the world,” Alex said. “Community is what allows us to be successful.”

   The goal is to help members take back their time and increase their earnings so they can do the things they want and need instead of being tied to their office or bank account. To help members succeed and be able to foster the lifestyle they want, the company defines 3 key values. 

Getting Results—making five figures a month. According to 8FDL, their business helps members gain personal and financial freedom by overcoming or eliminating many of the barriers that keep people from succeeding online: Short learning curve; Work less than 20 hours a week; Break even and profit within 60 days; Make 5 figures a month; Unlimited income potential. The products and resources the company offers members go beyond digital marketing to include self-improvement and leadership skills. The system is set up to make its members successful with the least amount of effort on their end.

Marketing and sales are automated—all members have to do is open their browser and sign in (a 5-10 minute task) to start generating leads. After that, automated emails and texts are sent out to interested customers inviting them to attend a webinar. Then, you follow up with the customer with a mentor that’s already successfully made $30,000 in the business. As more people sign on, more money goes into your pocket. And, new members can piggy back off the success of what 8FDL has already built, hence the “franchise-like” online business. So where most small businesses take years to build up and profit from, 8FDL is designed to make profits fast.

Creating a Legacy—sharing your success with members of 8FDL community. Because 8FDL has multiple ways to generate income in its compensation structure, it benefits members to stay on as mentors and help new members succeed. Rather than trying to sign up as many people as possible, members are fostering relationships and sharing success stories to help others earn more. Mentors jump on sales calls with your leads to help address questions and close sales. Instead of competing with each other, member testimonials and comments suggest an incredibly supportive community that wants to help each other.

Giving Back—helping those in need

   In addition to helping fellow 8FDL members, the business encourages and participates in charity work. Founders and members recently gathered in Seattle to build micro houses for the homeless with the goal to take the project nation-wide, according to Alex Dee’s Facebook page.

Earning Potential with 8FDL

  With over 950 members now in their closed, members-only Facebook group and more than 8 figures in sales since their founding 2 years ago, 8FDL offers significant earning potential for high-level, active members.